Published January 9, 2014 by ccse17

1.what does “being supportive” look like to you?

2.what impact does being supportive have on your life? you think that being supportive can be a good and bad thing? why or why not?

4.what would the world be like with out support?

5.what types of support have you ever condoned or experienced? you support within and outside your race, or just within your race?

7.would you do something illegal for a good cause or do something good for something illegal?

8.what influences  your decision to support? you only support your loved ones?

10.does race tie into supporting in your neighborhood? a business your support and why.

12.does that business receive support  from one particular race or various races?

13.why don’t we support each other?

14.what influences or causes this to occur?

15.what do you think is the first example of support that you heard of or encountered?

16.what is your favorite black business and why?

17. if you were to start a business, what would be your starting point?

18.what previous knowledge do you have of Black Businesses? you think Black Businesses will progress in America? you believe that Black Businesses are an effective way out helping our communities progress?

21.what alternatives do you know of that may be more effective ways for our community to progress?

22.on average, how much profit do you believe Black restaurants make?

23.does anyone in your family own a business?

24. How many Black Businesses do you know of in your community?

25. Would you, yourself, be interested in opening a business?

26. What would your business plan be?

27. What are some strategies you can think of to have a successful business?

28. How will you know that you’ve reached success?

29. What businesses do you think are most effective? Food or Clothing?

30. would you recommend that someone owns a business or work in one?



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